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           I want to thank you for supporting Biscotti di Vecchio since we launched over five years ago. Biscotti took on a whole new meaning when I started selling direct-to-consumer via our beautiful website and then wholesale to stores and cafes such as Bloomingdale's, Nespresso, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, Empire Coffee & Tea, Gourmet Garage and Union Markets and a host of others.  Running a company and continuing to oversee the baking (and more often than I care to mention, rolling and cutting the biscotti, too!) has been the ultimate entrepreneurial experience. Sooooo many people helped me create and sustain the business that I can never repay them for helping me bring a long held dream to fruition. We've stopped the baking and cutting for now but we will keep you posted!
           It’s been a wonderful journey and I am so happy and beyond grateful that I was able to share our family recipe with you. Grazie e Ciao!
  - Danielle Di Vecchio
  Owner, Biscotti di Vecchio


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