Absolutely delicious. High on my list of life’s simple pleasures.

—Terry Winter, Executive Producer/Writer – The Sopranos; Creator/Writer, VinylBoardwalk Empire

Italian Nirvana!

—Steven Williford, Director, Television, Film and Theater

The Cayenne Chocolate Chunk is all Vanessa Williams and I would eat with our coffee at Ugly Betty. UB may be over, but the sweet and spicy goodness of Biscotti Di Vecchio lives on!

—Michael Urie, Actor, Ugly BettyThe Tempermentals

I’ve been eating biscotti all my life – I’m Italian! And if you want delicious taste plus delicious texture, Biscotti di Vecchio is the TOTAL biscotti experience.

—Geraldine Librandi, Actress

Fun Fact: Biscotti di Vecchio has also been featured in an episode of The Sopranos in which Danielle played Barbara Soprano, the younger sister of Tony Soprano. Can you guess which episode?